Group Coaching

Aim: with our webinar/workshop service we want to educate our audience on hot topics about the World of the JOB. Interactiveness is key, prepare to interact with your webinar’ group. To have a more in depth overview of the topics we suggest to take our online course or 1 to 1 consultation.

Time: a workshop/webinar will last for 1 month, a meeting per week on a Friday

Structure: 90/95 minutes per meeting composed by:

First meeting: Introduction - issues in looking for a job and getting selected and how we can solve them.

Second meeting: How to write a quality CV, we will divide the CV into parts and go through each of them specifically

Third meeting: How to answer the top asked interview questions (from talk me about yourself toSTAR method)

Fourth Meeting: How to end your interview, what you should ask your interviewer and next steps