1-1 Coaching

Aim: with our 1-1 coaching we have created a service tailored for YOU. We think that the perfect candidate is a process. We will guide you in each step from building your CV until preparing you for a possible interview. And we will collaborate to make it successful.

Time: A monthly coaching service

Structure: 45/60 minutes per session (can vary based on needs):

FREE Introductory Call: To know who you are and what are your objectives

First meeting: Job Review and CV formatting (this session can be repeated based on the number of job applications)

Build your CV and Cover Letter based on the job application

Third meeting: Interview Questions

Interview Questions, how to answer them and how to end an interview tips

Fourth Meeting: Interview Role Play

Interview Role Play

Note: Each session can be repeated as many times as needed in the month of subscription. Additional sessions included in the price: LinkedIn, Find out your skills (SWOT with friends), How to work in group.

NEW! Payment Plan available: Pay half NOW and choose to split the other half as many time as you want within the month of subscription. The number of splits can be agreed during payment confirmation. Choosing the payment plan there will be an interest on the price of 1 to 1 consulting, instead of 300 € you will pay a total of 360 €.