CV builders and Interview preparetors to ensure you will create the self confidence needed to be the best candidate in the market!

Most valuable candidates receives this answer from recruiters: "Thanks for applying but unfortunately we have decided to go forward with another candidate". At GTJ we are committed to make you, your personality and qualities stand out so that you can learn the process that will turn you into that candidate every recruiter wants.

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Have you been frustrated by:

  • Sending CVs all day long and never be selected for an interview?
  • Going through all the interview peocess and be rejected at the last stage?
  • Missing an opportunity?
  • Thinking you don't have enough experience or skills to be the perfect candidate for that job you are applying for?
  • Realizing you weren't prepared enough to answer concisely all the questions the interviewer asked you?

Our heart breaks when we see people struggling to not be recognized by their real potential! This is why we have created GTJ.

This is why with our help you can:

Dominate the Interview

Do you feel nervous when you are called for an interview? Not anymore after our help! You will feel prepared, self confident and will know all the best ways to answer your interview questions. You will dominate the conversation and confirm how you are the best match for that job application.

Save Time and Money

You will be guided to learn a process that you can reproduce in the future when applying for othe job positions with no need to pay for additional consultations

Create best quality CVs

No need to be afraid anymore if your CV is good enough! We will teach you tips and tricks to make your CV the most attractive and in line with the job position you are applying for.

We know what it feels like to... by:

Send million copies of your CV + Prepare yourself so much for an interview


Never be called or selected!

We used to really struggle with that before we learnt what we know about making your CV stand out and your interview succesful.


We can teach you the process we have used to help hundreds of people like you feeling confident and prepared to succeed without loosing hope and without dealing with all the steps alone.

Book a free call NOW to know how!

Discover NOW how our customers feel after having used our service!

Join hundreds of people LIKE YOU that are ready to smash it on their next job application journey!

How does it work?


Meet with one of our specialist so they an get to know you and help you understand what your goals are.


Togheter we will understand which plan is more in line with your needs.


Succeed stress free and guided in each step of your job applicaton journey.

Choose your plan

Group coaching

400 €

in promotion at

150 €

  • 4 sessions - once per week 90/95 minutes per session
  • CV tips
  • Interview Preparation tips
  • How to end an Interview and next steps

1-1 coaching

800 €

in promotion at

300 €

Per Month

  • CV building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Role Play

Included in the price if needed:

  • LinkedIn Review
  • Find out your skills Section
  • How to work in group Section
  • Additional Role Plays

In addition:

  • PAYMENT PLAN Available

All-in templates

300 €

in promotion at

130 €

  • 1 Fact Simile Job Application
  • 1 CV formatted example
  • 1 Cover Letter example
  • 47 most asked questions with fact simile answers
  • 2 surprises

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